Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hilarity ensues

It was an adventuresome day today in Munshiganj.  Our field lab is growing by the table…

…and Ethan seems to be shrinking by inch.

A kid, curious about what we were up to, came over at one point and told us that I was skinny and Ethan was fat.  He said we were both strong.  I’m not so sure about any of that...

In an effort to demonstrate my ‘lean muscle’, I decided to move a table from one side of the field to another.  As is customary, I did this with the table on my head. However, as I tried to walk, my foot got stuck in the muck of the field. The soil made a tight tackle on my legs while my upper body continued its inertial direction forward – surely enhanced by the teetering table perched on my noggin. Gravity then took over: I was a stiff board, splattered into the muck, table and all.

I had some choice words. Ethan, showing great concern and compassion for the man who controls the fate of his graduate career, laughed uncontrollably and ran for the camera. The crew of onlookers also seemed to enjoy the show…

Here I am with the table, as it plots its next attack.

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