Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Audrey Names Fountain Pen Ink After Her Work

(Organics Studio Arsenic in a Sheaffer Intensity pen)

Hi guys, it's Audrey. I know, it's been awhile! To premise how this happened, I must say that my husband is really into fountain pens and ink. We all have our hobbies, right (mine is nail polish)? He also has a blog if you are interested in looking into it. We've been to several pen shows (yes, those really do exist) and we got to meet a new ink maker from Maryland named Tyler. Tyler is a young biochemist and is really interested in science and the periodic table, so much so that he named his first inks from it. You can purchase his inks on many popular fountain pen sites, as well as on his website here. When I saw Tyler at the Raleigh pen show a few months ago, he wanted to give my husband some inks to review on his blog. He also happened to mention that he has a grey ink he has yet to name, and I immediately tell him to name it arsenic. Since he already has other elements in his collection, it fit right in, and is an accurate description of arsenic. I told him about all the work we do in our lab, and he included the last sentence about arsenic just for me on the box.

We found Tyler again a few weeks ago at the Washington DC Pen show where we got to take a picture featuring arsenic the ink. Thanks, Tyler!

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