Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Blur Between Fun and Work in Cambodia

And we're off!  We tried to pack light but somehow still ended up with boxes up to our heads.

After arriving to Cambodia late at night following 30 hours of travel, the cafe dukdagohdagah (iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk) is a jetlag tonic.

And a little mi mama (ramen soup) to get things going.

We've been getting a whole bunch of wells installed at different depths to examine groundwater chemistry and flow.  In the area we're working, well water is arsenic free, so the wells can be used as a drinking water source.

The end product, just about finished.

During well drilling we take time to examine and collect sediments.  There's great variation in sediment type with location and depth.

Next to one of our drill sites, you can see the remnants of the floods that have devastated Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  Waters are now receding, but there is still a long way to go.

While looking for a monitoring site along the Mekong River, we stumbled across a temple.

Audrey has become enamored by all the cows in the countryside (and along all the roads).

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