Tuesday, December 16, 2014


NC State's CALS Perspectives magazine is doing a story about some of our research with the Duckworth lab...and they recently staged a photoshoot of me and Owen.  (The absurdity of the situation was not missed by the rest of our group members, who don't see the two of us in the lab very frequently!)

The story is not out yet, but we have some pictures to share!

Here, Owen claims I have dandruff on my shoulder, though I insist it's just lint from my well-worn sweater:

After the glamor shots, there was science to be done!  It is unclear what Owen is putting into the glovebox:

Stop laughing Polizzotto!

Obviously, we were very focused on making what seem to be vital measurements:

Ahh yes, all in a day's work.  Go team!

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